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The Sample Program & Creating the Project

The Sample Program

The sample program we will use is called SIMPOL Color Lab. It will let the user see the colour which corresponds to a specific web colour value. These are normally specified in the format: #A0B0C0 where the hash (#) signifies that the following number is in the hexadecimal format and thus the following values are interpreted as three RGB values between 0 and 255. We are also going to allow the user to enter a decimal version of the RGB, either as one or in its RGB component form. These component values can be entered manually or by moving a sliding widget.

Many different design approaches can be taken with the development of a software project, some of them more formal than others. This sort of project lends itself well to a fairly informal and interactive approach. To get this project moving, it would be a good idea to start with the layout and look of the dialogue that the user will see. Once the basic design is done, it will only require the additional work to show the dialogue and react to what happens when it is used.

This tutorial is split into two parts: the design and the programming of this similar program. This part focuses on the design of a form and familiarising the user (you) with the Superbase NG Personal Form designer. This will be included within your installation of Superbase. 


To make it easier to follow along with this tutorial you can download the source files

Creating the project

As a first step, we will create the project. This will provide us with a location for storing the form once we finish designing it. We won’t, at this point, write any code. In the New Project window select an appropriate location for the project, and name it colorlab. Remember this location, we will use it to save our form design later. For now we will not need the IDE so you can minimize it.