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Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of the keyboard shortcuts available in the IDE. This list can also be viewed by choosing "Keyboard Map..." from the help menu.

Edit Shortcut Keys

Keys Description
Ctrl+Shift+8 Toggle view whitespace
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+F Opens "Find" Dialog
Ctrl+H Opens "Replace" Dialog
Ctrl+J Comment
Ctrl+Shift+J Uncomment
Ctrl+K Inserts a code block in a server page before the current line
Ctrl+L Cut line
Ctrl+Shift+L Delete Line
Ctrl+U Make selection lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+U Make selection uppercase
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+Shift+W Select word
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Z Undo
Back Delete previous character
Ctrl+Back Delete word to start
Alt+Back Undo
Alt+Shift+Back Redo
Delete Delete next character
Ctrl+Delete Delete word to end
Shift+Delete Cut selection
Down Line down
Ctrl+Down Scroll window one line down
Shift+Down Select up to line end
End Go to line end
Ctrl+End Go to document end
Shift+End Select up to line end
Ctrl+Shift+End Select up to document end
Escape Clear selection
F1 Help
F2 Bookmark next
Ctrl+F2 Bookmark toggle
Shift+F2 Bookmark previous
Ctrl+Shift+F2 Bookmark delete all
F3 Find next
Ctrl+F3 Find next word
Shift+F3 Find previous
trl+Shift+F3 Find previous word
Ctrl+F6 Next pane
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Previous pane
F9 Break point toggle
Home Beginning of line
Ctrl+Home Document start
Shift+Home Select back to line start
Ctrl+Shift+Home Select back to document start
Insert Indicator OVR
Ctrl+Insert Copy
Shift+Insert Paste
Left Character left
Ctrl+Left Word left
Shift+Left Select character left
Ctrl+Shift+Left Select back to word start
Next Page down
Shift+Next Select page down
Prior Page up
Shift+Prior Select page back
Return New line
Right Character right
Ctrl+Right Word right
Shift+Right Select character right
Ctrl+Shift+Right Select up to word end
Tab Insert one tab
Shift+Tab Move one tab back
Up Line up
Ctrl+Up Window scroll one line up
Shift+Up Select back to line start

File Shortcut Keys

Keys Description
Ctrl+N Creates a new file
Ctrl+O Opens the file open dialog box
Ctrl+P Opens the print dialog box
Ctrl+S Saves the current file
F7 Compile
Ctrl+F5 Execute
F8 Command line dialog box

Project Shortcut Keys

Keys Description
Ctrl+B Build
Ctrl+R Rebuild all
Ctrl+E Execute

Intellisense Shortcut Keys

Keys Description
Ctrl+TAB Shows function argument list
Ctrl+F7 Shows intrinsic type list
Ctrl+Shift+F7 Shows user defined type list
Ctrl+F8 Shows intrinsic function list
Ctrl+Shift+F8 Shows user defined function list

Call Graph Shortcut Keys

Keys Description
Ctrl+F9 Shows graph of functions that the selected function calls
Ctrl+Shift+F9 Show graphs of functions that call the selected function

Debugger Shortcut Keys

Keys Description
F4 Starts debugging
Shift+F4 Stops debugging
F5 Continues thread execution
Alt+Num* Shows next statement
F11 Step into
F10 Step over
Shift+F11 Step out
Ctrl+F10 Run to cursor
F9 Insert/remove breakpoint
Alt+F9 Opens the breakpoint manager
Shift+F9 Watch