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This application is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to write, execute and debug Superbase NG applications. There is only one Superbase NG IDE release version, one that runs on Windows XP and later operating systems. The older releases also included a version for Windows 9x operating systems. This is no longer the case.

The application is mainly an editor to write documents in the SIMPOL language. This editor provides a color-coding engine that makes it very easy to program in SIMPOL. There are many features that help the user to write code. For example, a Find in files tool, copy and paste, full screen view, and most recently-used file and project lists. It also supports working with different languages in the same Superbase NG application in that other languages can be correctly color-coded, such as XML, HTML, JavaScript, and others. The editor is very flexible and can be easily personalized. The editor supports other languages as XML, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, ….

The objective is to write a complex Superbase NG application quickly and be able to maintain it easily. The IDE manages the dependences among Superbase NG files and compiles, executes and allows debugging of Superbase NG projects, even CGI projects! It also provides project documentation tools to easily document the various components of a project.